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Specializing in Trauma, Depression, Anxiety,
and Relationship
through use
of IFS and EMDR.


peace and insight

My Approach

I believe we are constantly creating our life experience whether we are aware of it or not.  Creating and living a life that is fulfilling, satisfying, and rewarding requires awareness and skillful use of tools and knowledge.

Rewarding work and relationships are parts of a fulfilling life.  Experiencing our thoughts and feelings but not being overwhelmed and controlled by them is also part of a fulfilling life.  Being our unique, individual selves while juggling our thoughts, feelings, work, and relationships is at best a creative, joyful endeavor and at times may be overwhelming and even painful experience.  My goal is to help you untangle your thoughts and feelings and support you in creating a radiant, fulfilling life for yourself.

Similar to a coach, I can educate, encourage, and support you, but I cannot run the race or play the game for you.  You must be willing to put in the time and effort to practice in order to be successful.  Just like the first days of physical training, the first days may be difficult and painful, but if you stick with it the rewards will be worth the effort.

One of my motto's is, "Therapy isn't for wimps!".



So...are you ready?

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